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LW-9237 DAQ Data Acquisition Software

The software provides 2 DA command output channels,
99 data acquisition channels and 10 graphic plot function channels.
The output and input operation interface will be PC RS-232.
After the interface conversion between RS232 and RS485,
RS485 interface and actuated interface comprise the communication link
to achieve the output of DA command and data acquisition.

1. 2 DA channel command output, the output analog signals will be
 DC 0-10V, which can drive actuator to take action.
 For example, the DC 0-10V drives the inverter,
 then the inverter output to control the wind tunnel velocity.
2. The 99 data acquisition channels, the data of device is transmitted
 to PC by means of RS-485 communication interface.
3. The acquisition or definition data are drawn as 10 sheets of chart.
4. Data acquisition and control can be set up by programmable configuration
 and be storedas Excel file.
5. Sampling time can be set up.