Long Win design and manufacture mechanic instruments, mass and heat transfer, fluid mechanics and material mechanics
AMCA 210-07 standard wind tunnel Fig. 12 and Fig. 15
ASTM D 5470-06 standard, for thermal interface meterial, thermal resistance and thermal conductivity
fluid mechanics, wind tunnel, water tunnel, and flow visualization
thermal solution for fan, blower, tim, cooler module, heat pipe, vapor chamber, LED, ic package, server, rack and data center
high strain rate experiments, split hopkinson pressure, tension and torsion bar testers

Latest News

New product released - LW-9022MP Natural Convection Chamber - Smartphone Tests with IR imaging
New product released - LW-7600 Closed-Loop Wind Tunnel
New product released - Liquid Cooling Tester for Cold Plate and Radiator
New Pproduct - LW-9022RT Natural Convection Chamber - Room Temperature Model; Range 20-70°C
PIV Experiment for Cavity in Water Tunnel
Four Workstations are ready for simulation and CFD works.
Real-time Fan PQ (Pressure & Flow Rate) Inspection Tester
Long Win's Events in Silicon Valley in March 2017
Natural Convection Chamber Represents Real Interior Environment
Environmental Test of Data Center - Walk-in Chamber
Stiffness test of heat sinks for Intel Purley platform
Long Win's prospect in 2016
Delivered a wind tunnel with the cross area 1 x 1 m, low velocity and high quality to UNIST, Korea
Delivered an airflow bench with the largest airflow rate 40 CMM, the highest pressure 3 kg/cm^2
Delivered a low-velocity calibration wind tunnel to one of the best-known safety certification company
Delivered an airflow bench with the airflow rate up to 8000 CFM to test evaporating cooling units (ECU)
New Product - LW-9022CC Natural Convection Chamber and Breeze Generator
Long Win purchased the latest model of Laser Duppler Anemometry (LDA)
Delivered 2 Cooling Distribution Units (CDU)
Delivered a split Hopkinson tension bar to UNIST, Korea
Delivered a split Hopkinson pressure bar to UNIST, Korea
Delivered a wind tunnel with the highest velocity 100 m/sec to a national defense institute


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