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Smoke Sheet Generator

Applicable for the wind tunnel

1. Metal heating twisting wire; Length is subject to
 the height of the test section of the wind tunnel.
2. 1 set of DC power supply with DC 30 V and 3A
 for heating wire to generate smoke sheet.
3. Electric cycle oil pump, input power 220V.
4. Smoke sheet can move in Y axis direction the wind flow is to X direction.
5. Wind speed range is at 2 ~ 8m /sec.
6. This unit is incorporated with the wind tunnel,
 and the unit is installed between the contraction section and
 the upstream of test section.
7. Top oil cup and needle valve for oil regulation.
8. Bottom oil cup.
9. Power source: AC 220V, 1A.

The generator on the wind tunnel
The generator on the wind tunnel

flow visualization example

flow visualization example