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LW-9544 Wind Tunnel

Long Win’s new mechanic wind tunnel, which max. speed reaches 60 m/sec,
can generate a wind larger than hurricane force of Beaufort number 12.
Its cross area of the test section is 1 m × 1 m, which is available for following experiments:

1. Wind turbines:
To study the effects of wind speed, angle against the flow, and loading to wind
turbine’s efficiency.
To cooperate with blade design, such as airfoil types, twist angles, and chord area;
and the number of blades, attack angle of each blade,
the above parameters helps to optimize the specimen design.
The measuring parameters, ex: torque, revolution speed, AC and DC power are also
included in the platform.
Most importantly, the wind resistance test can be done through the wind tunnel.
What we expect is to realize optimization conversion of energy and know the
structure capability.

2. Traffic control signal, signal lanterns and lamp housing:
According to CNS 14546 “LED traffic signal lanterns and lamp housing” Standard,
it is asking for a resistant test under a wind speed of 51.5~56.4 m/sec
(Beaufort number 16).

LW-9544 wind tunnel test section