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LW-9280 Heat Pipe Thermal Resistance and Qmax On-line Inspector

1. Inspection in a short time
2. Customized heating and water-cooling modules for variant shapes of
 heat pipes.
3. Pre-loading temperature sensor and pneumatic press mechanism are all
 together to increase the reliability and efficiency in measuring
4. Testing modules are connected with PC to record heating power, average
 temperature on the cooling side, Tbh(heating block), press load value, ΔT,
 and calculated R value.
5. Computerized multi-heating power control for average transient state to
 regress Qmax automatically
6. User-friendly software operation, judge GO/NG automatically.
 Results are output as Excel files that can be analyzed easily.
1. Thermal resistance (R) distinguishability: ± 0.01 (℃/W)
2. Heating source: DC power ( 90W, 180W, or 300W)
3. Cooling side type: Controllable water cooling (ambient~50℃)
4. Contact type: Adjustable pneumatic press load type
5. Overall dimension: 2.0(L)x 0.8(W)x 1.8(H) m
6. Power source: 220 V, 15A, single phase

Technical Information
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Qmax results
Qmax results

Thermal resistance of 20 heat pipes
Thermal resistance of 20 heat pipes
LW-9280 Heat Pipe On-line Inspector

Testing platform
Testing platform

Control panel
Control panel