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LW-9081 Automatic Air Flow Rate and Pressure Measurement Apparatus

Based on following standards:
 • ISO 5801-2007
 • AMCA 210-07
 • ASHRAE 51-2007
 • IEC 61591-2005
 • GB/T 1236-2000

1. Follow AMCA 210 standard Fig.12 & 15 two-in-one structures
2. Automatic system control and data acquisition by PC
3. Nozzle's flow rate report prior to delivery is issued by Long Win,
 which can be traced to an accredited lab for long-term traceability.

Experimental Items
1. Fan or fan tray's PQ performance
2. System Impedance Curve (SRC)
3. Thermal Module's RQ performance

1. Air flow rate: 1.6~60 CFM
2. Accuracy of air flow rate: <3.5% INFS
3. Repeatability error: < 2 %
4. Static pressure: 0~30 mmAq
 With optional high static pressure throttle device, it can reach 200 mmAq.
5. Overall dimension: 0.6 (W) × 2.5 (L) × 1.6 (H) m (Ref.)
6. Operation space: 2 (W) × 3.5 (L) × 2.2 (H) m (Ref.)
7. Power source: AC220V, 5 Amp, single phase, 50/60Hz

Technical Information
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High static pressure throttle device
High static pressure throttle device (Optional)
PC control throttle device, area resolution 1/5000
Suitable for testing both high-static or normal fans.
No influence on wind tunnel accuracy.

LW-9240 Multi fan electric performance test device
LW-9240 Multi fan electric performance test device (Optional)
3 unit per set, for
measuring voltage, current and RPM of fans
Power source for fans: through external power supply (DC 0~30V & 0~3A).
LW-9081 AMCA 210 Wind Tunnel

Main body structure
Main body structure

Fixture for fan installation
Fixture for fan installation