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A. Information, Communication Technology (ICT) Lab

1. Airflow bench for fan PQ, system resistance curve (SRC), and heat sink’s RQ performance, torque measurement, etc; 0.05~30000 CFM; >20 models
2. Heat sink RQ tester; 5~800 CFM; 6 models
3. Heat Pipe-HP-Thermal Performance Tester
4. Micro Heat Pipe-MHP- Thermal Performance Tester
5. Vapor Chamber-VC-Thermal Performance Tester
6. Ultra-Thin Vapor Chamber-UTVC-Non-contact Transient and Static Thermal Performance Tester
7. Cold Plate- Thermal Performance Tester
8. Impedance tester for connectors, piping and Manifolds
9. Liquid Burst Pressure Tester
10. 4U Liquid to Liquid CDU
11. 4U Liquid to Air CDU
12. 8U Liquid to Liquid CDU
13. 8U Liquid to Air CDU
14. Single-phase immersion cooling tester for heat sinks
15. Two-phase immersion cooling tester for boilers
16. Two-phase immersion cooling tester for condensers
17. Air-liquid heat exchanger thermal performance tester; Heat loading: 1~100 kW; Airflow range: 50-10,000 CFM
18. Pumper performance tester; Flow rate: 0.1-300 LPM; Pressure: 1-600 kPa
19. POC single-phase immersion cooling tester 1U~24U
20. POC two-phase immersion cooling tester 1U~24U
21. Dummy server: 15, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100 kW
22. Stiffness tester for heat sinks in servers
23. Natural convection chamber: Ambient+3~70℃; Small, Standard, Medium, and Large types
24. Natural convection chamber – High temp. Ambient+3~90℃
25. Natural convection chamber – Ultra high temp. Ambient+3~150℃
26. Natural convection chamber – Room Temp. 20~70℃
27. Data centers for liquid-cooling and immersion-cooling solutions (to be built)
28. TIM transient and long-term reliability tester
29. Thermal diffusivity tester for highly-conductive thin-film materials
30. Isolated Liquid flow measurement for metal and non-metal piping; Flow rate: 0.01-60 LPM; Diameter: 3-32 mm